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Five-axis Traverse Beam Robot,BRTV08I/10W/12W DS5PC

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Easy operation
  • Best configuration with high performance
  • Long arm length suitable for wide places
  • Max payload 20kgs
  • Fast speed with 0.43S cycle time

Product Details

High speed and high precision SCARA Robot AR series AR4215,AR6520,AR8520,AR101030

picking,placing,loading,transportation,sorting,dispensing and screwing etc. 
Programming: AR, G code programming language 
Fastest speed: 0.42 S 
Application: online speed to follow

With 4 axis DOF, X,Y,Z,R 
Compact design and high speed,high performance,good flexibility
Suit for plane position and vertical direction assembly work. 

Suitable for PCBA plug,handling,visual sorting,assembling,screwing,loading,transportation,plug-in machine, soldering 
and other high-precision industries---electronics and food industry.


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